Special Board Meeting (at 12:30pm before Regular Board Meeting)

The Board of Directors will conduct a Special Board Meeting at 12:30 pm on September 18, 2018 to hold a closed session to conduct a performance evaluation for the District General Manager.  The meeting will start open to the public and public comment taken, and then will adjourn to a closed board meeting (board members only).  After the closed session the Board will reopen the meeting to the public, and announce any action taken.   The Regular Board Meeting will start at its normal time of 2:00 pm.

The special meeting agenda is available here:

Saddle Creek CSD Board Meeting Materials Posted

We are looking forward to an exciting meeting of the Board of Directors on Tuesday, 9-18-18.  We hope you will join us for our discussion about establishing a policy regarding management of wildlife easements, adopting a new fee schedule, and establishing a reserve account for equipment replacement.  We will also provide updates on the road improvements and landscape restoration.  The agenda and supporting materials can be found at the following link:


We hope to see you there!

Sincerely, Peter Kampa, GM

New Paving Schedule

We were notified today that the paving contractor will be on site in Saddle Creek on Monday, August 6, 2018 to finish all remaining asphalt installation.  We will send out another reminder when the date gets closer, or in the event of any date changes.  Thank you!


Completion of Paving Delayed!

Saddle Creek residents and visitors were prepared yesterday for a full day of traffic control and delays, while our contractor installed asphalt from end to end on Saddle Creek and Oak Creek Drives. Unfortunately, a combination of mechanical failure at the local asphalt plant and long drive times for trucks to the next closest asphalt plant resulted in an early end to the asphalt work; leaving a portion of Oak Creek Drive incomplete for the time being.

If you have not noticed, paving projects are happening on almost every major highway and street we drive, causing a high demand on the schedules for paving subcontractors.  The asphalt subcontractor is completely booked into next week, and at this point we are not sure exactly what day they will return to finish the paving.  Stay tuned for more communication by email and on the CSD website; and we promise to let you know when the remaining work is scheduled.

Excited about the work, sorry for the delay!


Be Prepared for Traffic Delays Today, Saddle Creek Dr and Oak Creek Dr

Good Monday morning!   Most of you who have been following the CSD paving project have learned that the main paving work will occur today, Monday July 23.  As of the distribution of this message, I can assure you that the contractor is beginning their operations to avoid the late afternoon heat, and to produce a clean, fantastic asphalt product.


Saddle Creek Dr and Oak Creek Dr will both be paved end-to-end today, Monday, July 23.

Expect delays with controlled, one-way traffic on both streets all day starting as early as 6 AM.

Residents with driveways on Oak Creek Dr will lose access to their driveways for approximately 45 minutes during the day. Once the fresh pavement has been rolled in front of your home, it will be safe to cross. If you have any questions, please ask someone from the crew before driving across the new pavement.

After today, the contractor will be working on trimming/shaping around metal manholes, valve covers, drains, gutters, cross walks and other objects in the streets.  Final striping will occur after the new asphalt has cured for about one week.

The contractor, T&S Intermodal, Inc has been very reasonable and cooperative, and has performed in a high quality manner.  If you have a chance, give them a ‘thank you’ for the hard work during the heat of the summer!  Thank you!!


Saddle Creek Road Improvements Update 7-5-18

We hope that everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July celebration!

YOUR MEASURE A DOLLARS AT WORK – As you may have noticed, our contractor, T&S Intermodal, Inc., has completed much of the preparation work to allow for a new asphalt surface to be installed on Saddle Creek Drive and Oak Creek Drive.  So far, they have removed and replaced several settled and broken concrete drainage inlets, and areas of associated concrete curb and gutter.    They have installed a required concrete handicapped access ramp at Saddle Creek Ln., and have installed conduit under the roadway to allow for future irrigation, electrical and communication systems.

Since the roads were initially installed in the 1990’s, there has been a drainage problem on Oak Creek Drive near Grandview Court.  As you can imagine, we wanted to address any problems with drainage or culverts BEFORE any new pavement is installed.  We investigated the problem, which we have determined is an approximate 200 feet of crushed culvert pipe that must now be replaced.  We know there would have to be some repair work underground in this area, but the 200 foot section was a real disappointment that will cost an additional $78,000.  We were able to reconfigure other portions of the project to keep the total work within the $726,330 budget.

As of today, July 5 and extending through July 13, the contractor will begin the following work that will result in bumps in the road surface (slow down) and traffic delays. There will also be delays of up to 45 minutes in accessing side streets and driveways that directly enter off of Saddle Creek and Oak Creek Drives; as the asphalt grinding is taking place in those areas.  Please have patience, drive with caution and respect traffic control measures and workers!

  • Grinding old sections of asphalt to prepare for the new asphalt
  • Removing sections of asphalt that have failed and will be replaced completely
  • Excavating a trench and installing a new culvert pipe on Oak Creek Drive near Grandview Ct.


Again, please be careful around construction and know this will be short lived, and wonderful one completed!  Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Peter Kampa, General Manager