Saddle Creek Road Improvements Get Underway June 25, 2018!!!

We are VERY excited to announce that we have awarded the Saddle Creek/Oak Creek paving contract to T&S Intermodal, Inc, who will begin work on Monday, June 25, 2018.  Please stay tuned to these blogs and sign up for notification to receive the most current information on the progress of the project.  

Public Outreach Notice #1 from the CSD

Beginning Monday, June 25th at 7:00am the Saddle Creek CSD Pavement Rehabilitation project will begin.
The purpose of this project is the rehabilitate the existing roads with in the community on Saddle Creek Drive and Oak Creek Drive.
What to expect on Monday, June 25th:
The paving contractor will be staging equipment and begin saw cutting damaged areas for repair.
Concrete removal will also take place this day. This will place them on all areas of Saddle Creek Drive and Oak Creek Drive. Please expect traffic control and delays throughout the community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact;
Saddle Creek Community Services District
Greg Hebard 209.768.5678
Ralph McGeorge 209.768.5537

Watch for daily updates and please sign up for our blog notifications at



Draft Appropriations Limit Calculation Posted

Each year, the CSD is required to calculate an appropriations limit, within which we must budget for the upcoming year.  State law requires that we make this information publicly available a minimum of 15 days before adoption by the Board, which is scheduled for June 19, 2018.  You can download the description and calculation of the Appropriations Limit, sometimes referred to as “Gann Limit” at the following link:

Have a good evening!

Peter Kampa

General Manager

CSD Board to Consider Award of Road Rehabilitation Contract

The CSD Board of Directors has called a special meeting to review and discuss the bids received for the rehabilitation of Saddle Creek and Oak Creek Drive; and to consider award of a construction contract to the lowest bidder.  Three bids were received, with T&S Intermodal from Valley Springs being the lowest bidder.  The draft documents related to the bids and award of a construction contract are available on our Board Meeting Page.

We hope to see you at the meeting, but if you cannot make it, stay tuned for more information on this exciting project; being funded by your Measure A tax dollars.

Sincerely, Peter Kampa, General Manager

May 15, 2018 Board Meeting Materials Posted

Good Friday evening!   Please find the May 15, 2018 Board meeting materials uploaded to our webpage.  Please notes that the Board meeting location has been changed to the Castle & Cooke sales office, at the same 2:00 PM time next Tuesday.   As always, we have an action packed agenda which includes the budget for 2018/19 scheduled for adoption next month.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Incorrect Weed Abatement Notices Sent

Each year, the CSD sends notices in April to owners of vacant parcels advising of the need to have weeds and tall grass mowed before the summer fire season is upon us.  Unfortunately, this year the letter intended for vacant property owners was inadvertently sent to developed properties instead.  If you do not own a vacant parcel in Saddle Creek, please disregard the weed abatement notice and accept our sincere apologies.  Please help us spread the word that only vacant property owners should have received the weed abatement letter.

Thank you,

Peter Kampa, General Manager

It Helps When I Post the Correct Link!

Good afternoon and thank you to the Board meeting faithful who let me know that the Board meeting agenda post from the morning contained a link to a login page….not what was intended!  Please click the correct link here and we hope to see you there on Tuesday!   Many exciting items on the agenda, the most exciting of which may be considering approval of plans and specifications for the 2018 (Measure A funded) Road Improvement Project!

Have a great weekend!

Peter J. Kampa, General Manager